New Hyde Park Station

Commissioned by Metropolitan Transportation Authority/Arts & Design. Completed in 2021.

Forestation Syncopation unveils the ways natural and built environments interact, as seen from the train journey through New Hyde Park and the surrounding area. Situated in two westbound platform shelters and one eastbound platform shelter, each window portrays a distinct view of a landscape impression, as if catching a glimpse of morning sun before work, or the flicker of light through the trees on the way home.

Blending geometric and organic shapes, these long horizontal abstract landscapes are conscious of the architectural structure they inhabit. Evergreens and oaks mingle with streetlights and water towers; electric wires extend into maple tree branches; clusters of houses intersperse with forest islands and leafy backyards. The everyday moments captured in these images celebrate the sylvan suburbs of New Hyde Park.

With an emphasis on color and light, the artwork incorporates the painterly application of watercolor complemented by linear details that define intersecting edges. The original artwork was made using a hybrid process of hand drawing and painting and digital technologies and was then fabricated into 36 laminated glass panels by Mayer of Munich.

Forestation Syncopation references the rhythmic flows and interruptions of a musical score. Syncopation is a musical term that involves a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected, and often considered a vital element in holding a musical track together. Forestation is the establishment of forest growth on areas that either had it previously or lacked it naturally. Together, these two concepts describe a continuous landscape that binds and connects the urban town-scape to the tree-lined streets and parks of New Hyde Park.

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